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Department of Cultural Resources and Leisure Industries (including the Graduate Program of Cultural Resources and Leisure Industries)

The Department of Cultural Resources and Leisure Industries (DCRLI) is the first and the only department in Taiwan that combines cultural resources with leisure industries. Established in 2012, the DCRLI provides the Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs (the predecessor was Department of Social Science Education which was set up in1987). With our curriculum design and local resources, we aim to train students to re-explore cultural resources and understand leisure industries development, increase students’ cultural awareness, and pay attention to local resources and develop comparative competencies on leisure industries. Briefly, students study both theoretical and practical aspects on such topics as management, marketing, psychology, and sociology in the cultural preservation, leisure planning, leisure service, hotel management, and community empowerment.

As a department we are among the fastest growing and most diverse programs both institutionally and nationally. The DCRLI currently has the undergraduate and graduate programs. The two programs are about the sustainable development of cultural resources and leisure industries. Our faculty engages the highest quality and innovative instruction in the classroom and has a passion, enthusiasm and desire for student success.