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Welcome to Department of Cultural Resources and Leisure Industries


Undergraduate Program:

•Introduction to Tourism and Leisure
•Culture and Society in Taiwan
•Leisure Psychology
•Leisure Sociology
•Tourism English (Ⅰ)
•Tourism English (Ⅱ)
•Survey and Statistical Analysis
•Employment Ethics
•Management and Practice in Travel Agency
•Administrations and Laws in Tourism
•The Practice of Tour Manager and Tour Guide
•Practice in Tourist Interpretation
•Research Project (Ι)
•Research Project (Π)
•Industrial Internship
•Campus Internship and Seminar
•Digital Videoing and Mass Communication
•Digital Editing and Graphics
•Recreation Resource Planning and Management
•Investigation of Culture Resource
•Planning in Leisure Activities
•Leisure Service Management
•Cultural Development and Trends in Globalization
•Culture and Ethnicity in Eastern Taiwan
•Traveling Photography
•City Tours
•Digital Image Processing
•Digital Design in Recreational Landscape
•Culture Tourism
•Experience in Tribe Travel
•Event Planning and Management
•Administration in Culture Affairs
•Practice in Local Industry
•Community Empowerment and Industrial Development
•Alternative Tourism
•Cultural Resource and Preservation
•Culture Industry and Storytelling Marketing
•Tourism Geography
•Project Adventure
•Practice in Tourism Product and Tour Design
•Tourism Japanese
•Hotel Management
•Practical Planning in Leisure Environment
•Tourism Marketing
•Leisure Farm Management
•Human Resources Management (HRM)
•Hostel Operation and Management
•Aesthetics in Leisure
•E-Commerce & Internet Marketing
•Project Management in Leisure Industry
•Resort Management
•Case Analysis in Leisure Industry

Graduate Program:
•Quantitative Research
•Special Topics in Cultural Resources
•Qualitative Research
•Special Topics in Leisure Industry
•Technical Report
•Leisure Psychology and Behavior Study
•Studies for Indigenous Cultural Industries
•Contemporary Social Issues
•Marketing Strategy in Leisure
•Thesis Writing
•Seminar in Community Empowerment
•Seminar in Community Tourism
•International Issues in Leisure
•Seminar in Tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility
•Seminar on Development and Marketing of Domestic Industries
•Special Topics in Festivals and Activities
•Management of Leisure Business
•Policy for Leisure Industries of Eastern Taiwan
Voice Play